Food has very special demands

The separation of substances in the food industry requires maximum sterility.

Our membrane plants use highly developed metal-oxide membranes and make use of stainless steel components. As a result, they are resistant to high temperatures and all cleaning agents and have a long service life. The special cross-flow construction ensures constant circulation. A filter cake can therefore not accumulate in the first place to cause fouling.

Your benefits at 
a glance

  • Long durability due to robust components
  • Easy sterilizability due to temperature and detergent-resistant materials
  • Low fouling tendency due to cross-flow construction
  • High and constant performance due to cross-flow construction
  • Scaling according to your needs
  • Manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of membrane plants


Membrane plants are very versatile. The following list therefore contains only examples of potential applications in the food industry.

  • Clear filtration of beer, wine and fruit juice
  • Sterilization of water and water mixtures (cold sterilisation)
  • Water pre-treatment and circulation
  • Separation of emulsions (oil/water separation, e.g. milk)
  • Separation of particles from suspensions

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