Recover process materials gently with nanofiltration

Many chemical processes take place in aqueous or organic solutions, which are subsequently contaminated by various substances. An efficient and resource-conserving approach in production is realized through the processing and reuse of process materials.

Chemically or technically complex compounds and metal ions can be recovered by this process and returned to the cycle created in this manner. Our membrane plants can also filter molecules in the nanometer range and thus set no limits for most separation projects.

Nanofiltration is a common separation process for filtering heavy metals and other impurities in industrial process water. Advantages with this membrane filtration result from the simple process technology and the low energy requirement. A completely closed cycle saves procurement and disposal costs and at the same time protects the environment. The reprocessing of process media is therefore worthwhile from an ecological and economic point of view.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Time-efficient and resource-saving reprocessing and recovery of process materials
  • Reduction of dependencies on suppliers
  • Reduce procurement and disposal costs
  • High thermal and chemical stability for flexible use and a wide range of process media
  • Long durability as a result of the use of robust components
  • Detergent-resistant materials
  • High and constant performance due to cross-flow construction
  • Scaling according to your needs
  • Manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of membrane plants

Areas of application in the industry

Membrane plants are very versatile. The following list therefore contains only examples of potential applications.

  • Process water treatment
  • Removal of dyes from textile finishing wash water
  • Reduction of organic water constituents from the production of synthetic fibers
  • Regeneration of highly alkaline, hot degreasing and cleaning belts
  • Preparation of drilling, cutting and sawing emulsions
  • Dewatering of colloidal polymer dispersions
  • Recovery of metals from aqueous media
  • Solvent recovery

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