Water purification with membrane systems

Water is the basis of life and is highly versatile in use. The use of these materials results in a wide variety of solutions, soiling or contamination, which makes the waste water a hazard to the environment.

Proper treatment and reuse of process water makes sense not only from a legal point of view, but also from an ecological and economic point of view by saving new resources and disposal costs.

At the sewage treatment plant at the latest, the waste water is recycled far away from the supply point. This performance and also the fresh water can be avoided in many processes by membrane filtration and can also be implemented in an own closed circuit.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Time-efficient and resource-saving reprocessing and recovery of process water
  • Reduction of dependencies on suppliers and disposal providers
  • Chemical stability for a wide range of process media
  • Temperature-independent filtration
  • Long durability as a result of the use of robust components
  • Detergent-resistant materials
  • High and constant performance due to cross-flow construction
  • Scaling according to your needs
  • Manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the design and manufacture of membrane plants

Applications of industrial water treatment

Membrane plants are very versatile. The following list therefore contains only examples of potential applications.

  • Treatment of process water
  • Removal of dyes from textile finishing wash water
  • Removal of turbidity and feed residues from breeding facilities in water
  • Avoidance of algae formation in animal tanks

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