Separate pure substances in fully automated special systems

Highly developed ceramic metal oxide membranes are the core of our membrane plants. This allows aqueous and non-aqueous filtration in the micro, ultra and nano range.

Different mixtures of substances can be separated in this way. Even sophisticated and difficult to separate material systems, which can otherwise only be treated in multi-stage processes, can be separated simply and energy-efficiently with our processes. (e.g. pressure change and tow rectification)

The complexity of our membrane plants varies on the basis of numerous parameters. Operating pressure, operating temperature and integration into existing systems as well as other variables influence how complex a system is designed.

That's why we always develop tailor-made solutions for your requirements that really help you move forward. From small and simple to highly complex, we manufacture exactly the system for you that optimally meets your requirements.

Our team is always at your disposal for advice. Send us your inquiry or contact us by phone.

Experience for long durability

Due to the use of high-quality materials and our experience in stainless steel processing, you obtain highly robust systems.

The life expectancy of our systems with constant use is generally at least 10 years up to several decades. Depending on the application and load, wear parts are regularly replaced and individual components are checked and calibrated. Components to be replaced can be procured from us at any time.

Scaling for optimal use

From the small test system for extraction in laboratories to high-performance industrial systems in containers, we manufacture exactly as required.

Depending on requirements, our designs can be highly compact, free-standing or integrated into existing systems. Operation is possible both in batch and continuous mode.

Development for 
individual application

Each membrane plant is individually developed by us and optimized to your needs. We take time for you to consider all risk factors and find the best solution.

Depending on size and complexity, delivery times are possible for small plants from 4 months, for large plants from 12 months. Changes can be implemented flexibly in engineering up to the production of the plant.

Long-term planning for predictable security

We inform you regularly about the current project status and clarify changes and risks with you at an early stage. Before commissioning on site, a factory acceptance test is carried out by Andreas Junghans®.

We bear the entire risk of defects until final acceptance at the place of destination. Afterwards, too, we will solve problems within the scope of the guarantee for up to two years. Subsequent service orders secure your investment in the long term.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure up to 100 bar, operating temperature up to 300°C
  • Production according to DGRL 2014/68/EU
  • ATEX (Zone 1/2), GMP, WHG compliant systems
  • Materials: Stainless steel (V2A, V4A), plastic (PP, PVC, PVDF)
  • Certificates and approvals
    • Manufacturer qualification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
    • Manufacturer qualification according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2
    • Manufacturer qualification module A1 according to AD 2000
    • Manufacturer qualification module A2 according to AD 2000
    • Specialist company according to § 19 I WHG
    • Manufacturer qualification class B according to DIN V 4113-3
    • Manufacturer's qualification CL1 according to DIN EN 15085-2
    • Manufacturer qualification Q2 according to DIN 2303

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Test plant for solvent dewatering
Vapor permeation
Temperature: 220 °
operating pressure: 20 bar, vacuum (10 mbar)
Process Development & Engineering 80 %
Design & Calculation 100 %
Electrical Planning & Automation 100 %
Manufacturing & Assembly 100 %
Customer's benefits
Quality Improvement 40 %
Increased Efficiency 40 %
Flexibility Increase 60 %
Development Progress 80 %