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We know: all beginnings are difficult. That is why we use the phase model documented by STAFFXPERTS GmbH for the development of our process technology plants in order to meet all your wishes and requirements correctly and completely. This takes into account international and national standards and norms for the construction of complex plants and also integrates our project experience. Qualification seminars at the VDI Academy are founded on this basis and the sources specified therein. After defining the provisions in the specifications, we ensure the feasibility of the separation task through preliminary testing on a very small scale.

Together with you, we determine what the plant should achieve and how it can be implemented.

Piloting and project planning

In the pilot phase, we examine the integration of membrane technology into the overall process and test the process under real conditions on site. Based on these findings, we then create a project proposal in which the subareas of process development, process engineering design, construction, electrical planning, concept development, project management and safety concept are described in detail.

We test how the system is integrated on site and record all findings for an order.

Theory completed, ready for implementation

The result of the system planning is a system concept ready for order including 3D model, electrical planning and automation. Upon completion of planning, all theoretical considerations, designs and tests are completed and ready for live implementation. Depending on the complexity of the project, this first part of the development corresponds to approx. 50% - 70% of the project duration and approx. 40% - 50% of the project costs.

Development is therefore the most complex part of the project and normally takes more time than implementation.

Simple manual or fully automated

Depending on parameters and requirements, our process technology concepts are also designed fully or partially automated. This ensures optimum and stable process reliability.

We also take into account the desire for own assembly and realize design and construction so that you can use our systems immediately and without problems. 
 We have also designed our pioneer plant in Canada for these parameters, which enabled it to be commissioned immediately and permanently without any malfunctions.

Time for highest quality

In every project we use established methods of project management. Thus we achieve a high adherence to delivery dates and can prepare a realistic schedule with milestones for you.

Based on the nine competence fields of the Project Management Institute, we select the applications of this method depending on the complexity of the membrane plant. This way, costs and time for the individual fields of application can be optimized and unnecessary formalisms reduced. We work with a technical control system that controls the synchronous work of various sub-areas and monitors the responsibility of our employees for system behavior, product development and the project concerns costs, time and risks.

With our ISO 9001 certification, we meet the highest quality requirements and protect our plants against problems and weak points in the HAZOP process.

  • Certificates and approvals
    • Manufacturer qualification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
    • Manufacturer qualification according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2
    • Manufacturer qualification module A1 according to AD 2000
    • Manufacturer qualification module A2 according to AD 2000
    • Specialist company according to § 19 I WHG
    • Manufacturer qualification class B according to DIN V 4113-3
    • Manufacturer's qualification CL1 according to DIN EN 15085-2
    • Manufacturer qualification Q2 according to DIN 2303
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